Studying radiology just got a whole lot easier: Radiology Spaced-Repetition Flashcards

  Learn from physician-curated flashcard decks covering everything you need to know to pass the radiology boards.  Powered by Synaptiq, the Flashcards come in an intuitive study platform that leverages spaced-repetition technology to help you learn faster and retain more than ever. 

Top Score covers the breadth and depth of radiology and is designed to help you ace the Core & Certifying Exams. Decks exclusively covering Gastrointestinal ImagingNeuroradiology, and Ultrasound are currently available, with more subspecialties to come. Radiology Spaced-Repetition Flashcards are ideal for board prep and radiology review. They are the perfect study guide for radiology residents, fellows, medical students, and anyone who needs to effectively and efficiently learn radiology.

Top Score For The Radiology Boards: Adaptive Question Bank For The CORE and Certifying Exams

This flashcard deck has a simple ambition: to improve your test scores. It covers all exam categories, including non-interpretive skills (NIS), physics, safety, breast, cardiac, diagnostic radiology, gastrointestinal, genitourinary, interventional, musculoskeletal, neuroradiology, nuclear, pediatrics, thoracic, ultrasound/reproductive/endocrinology, vascular, and general radiology.

  • Complete review for the Core Exam
  • Q&A style adheres to the ABR style for multiple choice questions for graduate medical tests and CME
  • Detailed answer explanations, plus high yield "Top Tips" for each case
  • $499.00 for 12-month access or $42.00 for a monthly subscription.

Study with a powerful and intuitive appSynaptiq's platform enables learners to leverage evidence-based spaced-repetition technology in the most user-friendly and accessible way ever. The app’s algorithm is designed to boost learning, with additional features that build strong study habits.

How it works: As your understanding of each radiology fact strengthens, the algorithm further and further increases the time until you review that fact again. You review each fact just as you are about to forget it, producing the greatest memory boost through the desirable difficulty phenomenon. This ensures that your time is only spent on areas that need improvement - not concepts you already know.

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  • Each deck comes with thousands of pre-made physician-curated flashcards
  • Robust statistics let you visualize and track progress to build strong study habits
  • Fit studying into your schedule with bite-sized study sessions accessible across desktop, tablet, or mobile
  • Curate a one-stop flashcard library by easily importing Anki decks to supplement pre-made study sets...
  • … or create your own with the flashcard editor and collaborative deck builder
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