Practical MR Mammography

High-Resolution MRI of the Breast

Uwe Fischer

  • Edition: 2nd edition 2012
  • Details: 300 pages, 1347 ill., Hardback (Thread Stitching)
  • ISBN: 9783132431935
  • Media Type: Book
  • Language of text: English

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Product information Practical MR Mammography
Acclaim for the first edition: "A handy reference of MRI findings for practicing radiologists in their daily work. Indications for breast MRI are excellently presented. Strongly recommended." Acta Radiologica "Interesting and instructive book [...] the author successfully presents, evaluates and discusses the use of MR in the imaging of the breast [...]. Each chapter is enriched by numerous, clear and demonstrative illustrations [...] should be in the hands of all radiologists who practice mammography [...] and those who should know when and why MR mammography should be performed." Journal of Clinical Imaging High-resolution MR mammography is superior to all other breast imaging modalities for the detection of invasive and intraductal breast cancer forms. It plays an important role in the early detection of breast cancer and in the more eff ective evaluation of breast disease, and has proven to be a reliable method for staging and follow-up after a breast cancer diagnosis. Since there are now dedicated materials available for the performance of percutaneous MRI-guided needle biopsies, it is also possible to obtain a histologic diagnosis of findings that are only detected on MRI. The completely revised and expanded second edition of Practical MR Mammography sets out to cover these thematic and technical developments. Key Features: Goal-oriented didactic structure throughout: When should breast MRI be performed? How does one proceed during the examination? How does one arrive at a diagnosis precisely and reliably? How can mistakes be avoided? Now over 1300 completely new, high-quality images produced with the latest equipment Summarized characteristics of distinct diseases: incidence, etiology, malignant potential, clinical and imaging findings Inclusion and application of MRI-BIRADS In-depth and updated coverage of DCIS This book shows readers how to acquire excellent images and helps improve their image analysis and evaluation skills. It provides clear answers to all questions pertaining to MR mammography and support for special problems.