Manual of Fracture Management - Hand

Jesse B. Jupiter, Fiesky Nunez, Renato M. Fricker

  • Edition: 1 2016
  • Details: 568 pages, 2250 ill., Hardback (Thread Stitching)
  • ISBN: 9783132215818
  • Media Type: Book
  • Language of text: English

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Product information Manual of Fracture Management - Hand
The management of traumatic and reconstructive problems of the hand has become an ever more complex field. Advances in basic science and technology together with a growth in clinical expertise have resulted in recent dramatic changes in many of the implants, instruments, and techniques used in modern hand surgery. Richly illustrated manual on fracture management of the hand from leading experts at the AO Foundation - Principally case-based publication designed to instruct and introduce new technologies and methods to both new and experienced hand surgeons - Detailed case descriptions and recommended treatment options for a wide variety of fracture and injury types - From spiral to transverse, and multifragmentary to malunion, involving the proximal middle and distalphalanges of the fingers and thumb, the joints, and the metacarpals - More than 2,200 high-quality illustrations and clinical images - Access to 26 videos of hand surgery approaches and treatment technique demonstrations online on Thieme’s MediaCenter