How NOT to Review a Medical Paper

A Very Short Manual

Markus Heinemann

  • Edition: 1 2020
  • Details: 100 pages, Paperback (Thread Stitching)
  • ISBN: 9789388257640
  • Media Type: Book
  • Language of text: English

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Product information How NOT to Review a Medical Paper

A writer’s journey, from writing a manuscript to publication, is full of pitfalls. A “reviewer’s” world on the other hand is riddled with dilemmas which in turn can impact the fate of a writer’s manuscript.Both novice and experienced reviewers are perturbed by numerous questions along the process as the onus of making a recommendation about a paper lies on them. This short manual provides answers to those questions and offers several more useful tips through illustrative examples.

The numerous examples exhibit how one should not review a medical paper and also illustrate the don’ts of communication that should be taken care of by reviewers.

Special Features:

  • Guidance about what is expected from a reviewer, what should and should not be looked for in the different parts of a manuscript, and how speedy should reviews be
  • Detailed explanation of all types of peer review for better understanding of concept
  • Tips on communication errors that should be avoided, especially while suggesting revision or rejection of a manuscript
  • Lucid language and enjoyable read

This book will be of value to anyone looking for guidance with review of scientific articles, not specifically restricted to medicine. Authors who have been selected to become reviewers for journals, experienced reviewers, and even journal editors will enjoy reading this short and practical manual.