Hearing Aids

Harvey Dillon

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  • Edition: 2 2012
  • Details: 631 pages, 217 ill., Hardback (Thread Stitching)
  • ISBN: 9781604068108
  • Media Type: Book
  • Language of text: English

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Media Type: Book

Product information Hearing Aids

Key Features:

  • Completely revised to reflect the research and technological advances of the last decade
  • New chapters on directional microphones and the latest digital signal processing strategies
  • Extensive coverage of all aspects of open-canal, thin-tube hearing aids
  • Practical tips, tables, and procedures designed to be pinned on the walls of clinics
  • Each cross-referenced chapter builds on the previous chapters

Hearing Aids, Second Edition, is a book within a book:

  • Each chapter has a one-page synopsis that captures the key concepts of each topic
  • The material that students most need is contained in marked paragraphs that flow after each other to form a coherent thin book inside the larger book
  • Intervening additional paragraphs add satisfying depth

Written, comprehensively referenced, and extensively reviewed by leaders in the field, this book is ideal as a core graduate text as well as a standard reference for clinicians.